7 effective steps for closing the potential clients


Are you working too hard, spend way too much time thinking about new ways to close the deals, but nothing seems to work? Do you want to find a fail-safe way to lead your business towards success? All you need is a sales process that does the hard work for you, ensuring your clients the excellent results they expect.


 1.     Laying the foundation

The purpose of first step is to set the stage and manage expectations at the beginning of every sale. You need to subtly communicate to your client that you are the prize, you are the expert and only you can help them meet their needs.

 Talk about how good your offer is, how they will benefit from it and how many satisfied customers you've had in the past. Make them feel special, like they've been chosen to be a part of something great, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don't push them into buying right from the beginning, but rather build softly towards it. Let them think they hold all the strings, while in reality you're the one pulling them.


 2.     Gathering the facts

Focus on you client and their needs, talk to them and gather as much information about them as you can. Instead of you doing all the talking, ask them questions and listen. You want to learn as much as you can about their background, life, goals and current situation – all of that will help you hook them when it comes to presenting your offer and convincing them it's the right choice.

 The purpose of this step is to learn all about where they come from, what they wish for, what drives them and makes them tick – once you know all that, you can easily adjust your offer to them and spark their interest.


 3.     Discovering the Dream & Nightmare

Once you've established the first connection with your client, it's time to go deeper and even more personal. You know all about who they are and where they come from, now you want to learn about their dreams and nightmares – in connection to your offer, of course.

 Ask them about their specific needs, goals and dreams. What is their ultimate goal? How achieving it would change their life? What would they do to get there? Let them know you support their goals, then ask about the nightmares. What obstacles, challenges and frustrations do they face right now? What's stopping them from making their dreams come true?


 4.     Building appreciation, commonalities, elevation and vulnerabilities

By now you should have all the personal information you need to move forward and take the next step. If you want to successfully close the deal, you first have to connect with them, build the trust and elevate your prospect. Compliment them on their persistence, make them feel appreciated, respected and understood.

Build commonalities, show them how you can relate to what they’ve gone through and share your story with them – open up and tell them what you have in common. People easily build a connection with someone if they feel like they can relate to them. Last but not least, elevate them. Show them how they’ve been on the right track all along, they just need a little bit of extra help – someone who’s been through the same thing - to reach the finish line. Hint: that's where you come in!


 5.     Making the connection (help by actually helping, give them good advice)

Offer your assistance and spend some time educating your prospects. At this point, they already know and like you, now they have to trust and believe that you can help them – and you achieve this by actually helping them! Educate them on the content that’s related to what you’re offering them…

 Talk about how most people fail only because they have no mentor or guidance to help them on their way. Show them how to change their mindset to business mode and achieve more than they’ve ever dreamed of. Present them your formula for success so they can see, how better off would they be with your help.


 6.     Nailing the presentation

Now it’s finally time to focus on your offer and presenting the products or packages they absolutely need. Start with your most expensive offer first, explain it thoroughly (what will they get and what the benefits are) and present the price. After a brief pause, move on the next one. Your products or packages should be pitched with their end goal in mind.

 They have to believe that you and your offer are vital to their success and can help them finally achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.


 7.     Post presentation

All that’s left now is to close the sale. Ask them, what part of your offer appeals to them most and what would their decision be, if money wasn’t an issue. Repeat back to them what they like, and ask them if they would succeed if they had that. Why?

 Act like the sale was successful and start talking about conditions and future pacing. Tell them what they can expect when they’ve accepted your offer – effective changes and fast results. Are they okay with finally moving things along and reaching their end goal soon?

 Of course they are! Now all they need to do is accept the offer and see how their nightmares disappear and dreams turn into reality. 


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